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  • About Picon Infotech

    Picon Infotech team came from three different nations and had already scripted successful careers. Their vision to build an institution that is among the most admired companies globally is shared with Picon and is reflected in the way we do business.Picon is a leading provider of Portal/Web Application Development and Data Management services. With more than 50 employees across the globe, Picon offers a comprehensive range of services such as Web Desining, Web Development, SMS Solutions, Payment Gateway Integration, Business Intelligence and Reporting services to clients around the world.

  • Our Mission

    "To help our clients convert information into insights we will achieve this by looking at all situations from our client's perspective and by leveraging technology to collect, organize, clean, maintain, process and analyze data using certified processes and programming methods." Our mission statement reinforces that our two most important stakeholders are our customers and our people. There is also a correlation between all three elements as we believe that Happy People lead to Happy Customers and also Innovative Solutions are a means of contributing to the success of our customers.

    • Successful Customers
    • Happy People
    • Innovative Solutions

  • Our Values

    • Commitment to customer satisfaction is the principle
    • value Partnership for the future is the key to our success
    • synergy Peace and prosperity to all stake holders

    What brings Picon Minds (what we call our employees) together in building an organization that has a unique culture is our value system. Every Picon Mind is driven by CLASS, the acronym for our core values of Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing, and Social Responsibility. Everything we are, everything we do, and everything we believe in revolves around our CLASS values and the distinct culture that we have built.

  • Vision

    "To be a best-in-class organization delivering knowledge-intensive, information-based services; the foundation of our business will consist of satisfied customers and empowered employees - exceeding expectations and adding demonstrated value at every step"

Our Process

  • Step 1 Analysis

    Requirements Analysis is the process of understanding the customer needs and expectations from a proposed system or application and is a well-defined stage in the Software Development Life Cycle model. Requirements are a description of how a system should behave or a description of system properties or attributes. It can alternatively be a statement of ‘what’ an application is expected to do.

  • Step 2 Design

    This phase is when we make the design decisions of how your site will look, and how it will work. From our analysis we should have a good idea on your target audience. Now we are able to decide which technologies are best suited for your company. Then we develop the user interface and navigation system. Also, the site will be optimized for the average customer connectivity to the WEB and well as the configuration of their computer system.

  • Step 3 Develop

    Developemnt is often considered to be the project in its entirety his is not the case. Developemnt is the phase where ideas and design come together and grow into your image. Pages are created, effects are built in, images are produced, gateway scripts written and any other programming requirements are produced. Obviously this is a time intensive part of the project; hence this must be done carefully because it’s the backbone to the site.

  • Step 4 Test & Deliver

    Testing and Delivery - The most important part is testing and deployment. It is the next step after development of website. Web design and development experts check allthe customization and functionalities in website including that should be SEO friendly. We check all the Images, Videos, VisualEffects, Internal Linking and Content of website. After doing proper Quality Analysis the website will deliver to the client by host that online.

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